" Business wise, Sofie expressed that I needed to learn how to market what I do in a way that my niche would understand, in a more grounded way and with more masculine energy, and the new skills that I needed to learn to take my business out there and therefore allow me to serve, have literally been placed in front of me and all I had to do was say yes!!! It's been very grounding and this means that my normally 'fluffy' nature is able to connect with people in real ways, not just in my therapeutic and healing sessions. Up until the treading I didn't really understand that people didn't understand my work; they just felt the light within, and for some that was enough, but for others not at all! My energy feels vibrant and easier. I feel freer in myself and I'm moving into higher versions of myself, whilst building a mutually supportive community of fellow self employed business women, all with a message to share. My relationships with my family have lost their push/pull and feel more relaxed. I had previously always felt the weird one or different. Now I FEEL deeply that we are all doing life the way we were meant to, differently! I cannot guess what would shift within you if you had a reading done with Sofie. But I can say that you will feel seen and heard, supported and so very loved and that in itself is hugely valuable and freeing. Any questions you have help clarify the wisdom path that's shared with you, are answered. Sofie explains things so gently and clearly that you go away with clarity about your next steps, feeling nourished, upbeat and free. What's not to love about that?! If you want to hear guidance on how to take yourself or your business to the next level (or next 10 levels!) I highly recommend Sofie! " CW, Essex, UK.

" The reading with Sofie Ka was wildly supportive and transformational. The reading itself with the information was both new and confirming. At the end of the reading, the result was I felt more confident in my experience, more embodided and more open to new practical ways in supporting my development. The information was accurate and Sofie Ka's presence has a depth and love and humility that allows the information to flow and be received. I am very grateful to her and her guides as I enter my life in a new way." Michael, USA

"Just to say we love you over here Sofie!! You and your work means so so much to us!!! Every person I love has come to you!!Kate, Uk"

"Hi Sofie ❀️, Thanks again for the session last week ! I completely shifted energy afterwards.Huge change in mindset thank you πŸ’• " C. Israel

" Sofie is an exceptionnally gifted healer and opening the akashic records with her is a truly transformational experience. Her readings are given with such a lightness and joy. From the start it felt like she could read the story of who I am, my true self, with knowledge and truths that come from higher source. The information that she shared with me was like finding the missing pieces of a puzzle that I have been searching for to help me move forward with my own healing. As well as exploring my life part st lives and allowing me to ask my own questions- Sofie has given me such a clarity on who I am, and a strength to trust more in myself. I am truly grateful." Sarita, Costa Rica.

Sofie is a wonderful soul and an amzing channel. My session with her was massively enlightening. Beyond that she has a great light energy about her. Thanks so much Sofie!" Michael A. England

"Sofie! I just want to follow up and say thank you for my reading yesterday. It was truly insightful and gave me so much peace and forgiveness of myself as well as those that have played an important part in my life. I'm feeling a burden has been lifted allowing me to live as me and know wholeheartedly and to my core that I don't walk alone. Never have done, never will do !" A. Dubai

"It was a beautiful circle. Felt so much better afterwards. Thank you Sophie to you all the Neteru everyone who took partπŸ™πŸ½πŸ₯°πŸ’•πŸ’ŽπŸŒˆπŸŒŸβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«" Joe

"Thank you for our incredibly powerful healing last night. A massive clearing happened, I'm sure πŸ₯° slept so deeply last night (...) Love from Clare"

β€œThe healing was so beautiful and perfect and addressed exactly what was needed. Feeling so refreshed and much more in tune with my true self. I’m so grateful. Thank you dear Sofie and all the beautiful Neteru,πŸ™πŸ½πŸ₯°πŸŒˆπŸŒŸβ˜€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’«β€ Louise

β€œHi Sofie Thanks for an amazing session today, I've only just surfaced!. Her words resonated so much in me and waves of healing just flooded through me and I was in tears at times. (...)” Lisa

β€œThank you & Safi ... it was wonderful πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» (...)” Anna

"Dear Sistaa, Thankyou thankyou thankyou soooooo mucccccccch, Sooo soooooo sooooooo thankful n grateful to u." Nik (India)

"Thank you so much for this evening Sofie. I really am grateful to you for the work you do, always helping to uplift us. H."

" Hi Sofie ! I wanted to let you know that yesterday after the session, I had epson salt bath immediately, took a nap. Woke up great. This morning I have NO FEELINGS about (...)!!! I don’t feel anything very strange but I love it. πŸ₯° I don’t know how to thank you! You are a true healer, my journey in this life took a beautiful turn because of your work ! I feel blessed to get to know you....

Hoping to attend your workshops in the future. πŸ˜‰

Thank you ! And Blessings πŸ™


D. " (USA)

"Hi Sofie! I wanted to Thank you one more time! Today’s session was a life changing one for me. I appreciate your service to the humanity and I’m grateful that I came across with you! πŸ™

Much love πŸ’• Dilay" (Turkey)

"We lost our dog Ella who had escaped from a car accident and we had been searching in vain for her for several weeks. I then decided to contact Sofie to help us find her. Sophie connected to the dog, described her condition (she was alive and she was fine). Thanks to his accurate indications of where our dog was (street name, screenshot with Google Map) we were able to find our dog ! What a joy ! A big thank you to Sophie for her availability (even at 11pm!), Her accurate and reassuring information that allowed us to keep hope and beyond all to find Ella." Christian (Belgium)

"Sofie has a unique and powerful gift to be able to channel and heal with clarity and gentleness. I have known Sophie for a while and I have experienced her messages and observations to be not only extremely accurate to my current state, but to go beyond to provide her ability to communicate and communicate with those around her is profound - effortless, insightful and supportive.I can recommend Sofie unreservedly to channel and heal because my experience has been very positive. " Emma, Londres

"After using Clairvoyant donations, Tarot readers, Reiki healers and energy workers for almost a decade I know when it's the real deal and when it is, frankly, BS! Sofie is the real deal. Having been spoiled by working with a very talented clairvoyant for many years, until she unfortunately stopped reading due to poor health, I was desperate to find someone else with an authentic gift and been disappointed by readings of highly reputable people organizations. Now, I found Sofie, I am really relieved and excited to be connected to an individual with such a pure gift and a connection to the source. Sofie is wonderfully kind, has a great sense of humor and cares sincerely for you and cares about your needs. She uses her gifts with compassion and professionalism. Our session helped enormously to clarify and confirm a number of issues. Do not think about it, just book! It's like having a bird's eye view of your life!" - Wuese Houston-Jibo, London

"For me, this session was like a piece of suspended time. I went so deep in myself and I so crossed the dimensions. A session high in emotions ! Guided by Sophie who managed to show me the light in me. Suddenly I feel less lonely, I feel surrounded and it feels good. I now have a part of her and of the Universe in me Thanks for that. Axelle B. (France)"

"Hi Sofie, I am very happy to have made my first channeling with you and all of us! It is really amazing what I feel today since Saturday, and especially this feeling of liberation of a weight that I've always felt at the level of my solar plexus. Truly, Gratitude to you and to Our mothers beings of light! Gratitude for all this Divine Love, for this benevolence! Suzy L. "

"Thank you very much for the session ! It all clicked into place, or rather Peace came forth and a lot of ego thoughts fell away. I feel lighter and more at ease. (...) So, just want to clarify how this session or joining helped a lot. It gives me an understanding about the story (...) and it took the lid of bulk-the wound that I have been carrying for so long as an ego investment. Silly crazy indeed. Love and Light."_ Jan L. (London)

"Thank you again for this beautiful encounter. For the moment I feel really GOOD ! (...) I integrated well all that I have to put in place and it seems so workable if one really stays in their real self presence and acceptance. Thank you for the energy you passed on me. This refocusing let me deal differently with time (anxieties about abandonment in the future), let me accept my emotions... and so let me be more "present"._ Chantal C. (France)

"All the obstacles that had blocked me until now go away almost by themselves: I found the motivation to take better care of myself and of my feeding." "I met Sofie in a workshop I had gone invited by a friend - I'm very sceptical and reluctant to meditate, do yoga, etc. After just a few minutes she said she had a message for me, from a grandmother or great grandmother - Sofie wasn't sure. What she said broke all my intellectual barriers and moved me with relief. I understood there and then that there are things that our brain doesn't understand but our body "remembers". Since then I decided to have a healing session and again it brought relief and clarity. Thank you so much for the sense of service and the love you put in everything you do, Sofie. Blessings."_ Jane C. (Brighton)

"I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to Sofie for an amazing psychic reading. She was so accurate it was uncanny and at times uncomfortable as the truth can sometimes be. Her direct approach and tell it as it is attitude was very welcomed by me but this was softened by her empathic and caring nature. She created a safe space where I was able to ask inner most questions and not be guarded. We also had a few laughs as well. I would highly recommend a reading with Sophie without hesitation. During our session we talked of various strategies and actions to put in place to start the healing process. She had such an influencing effect on me that I knew I was ready to take my power back and move on. So much so that the very next day I went and had a complete change of haircut to go with the new me. Her positive energy is infectious.I will look forward to my next session."_ Michelle F. (London) xx

"Sofie It Was A Beautifully Calming Session but also One THAT Brought Out Suppressed Emotional debris that needed to be cleared. Thank you for sharing your light, love & gentle healing touch. Thank you for also sharing you're truly amazing spiritual journey so far. With Love "_ Leyla S. (London) xxx