Choose which session you would like to have. You have a choice fro the price fropm the lower to the higher. Choose what feels right for you. Select a date and time. After confirmation, you will then receive an email with the payment information. To book your appointment you will have to prepay it via bank transfer. Which ever country you live in, I can provide you a bank account number and the amount in your currency so that you can pay for the session with no fees (Wise). The only currency that is not accepted for the moment is dollars due to huge bank fees...

The Sessions are only online. Only on specific occasion do I offer one to one, in person sessions. Please contactif you wish one (depending on where you live...).


  • Akashic Records Reading & Channeling Session:

    Online Akashic Records Reading & Channeling - Skype or Zoom

£72 to £110 or $95 to $145 for a 60 min session.
Choose your date and time

£110 to £290 or $145 to $350 for a 90 min session.
Choose your date and time

  • AfterLife Communication Session :

    Online AfterLife communication - Skype or Zoom

£85 to £120 or $111 to $150 for a 60 min session.
Choose your date and time

A 24-hour cancellation notice is kindly requested to help me reschedule your appointment. Cancellations made less than 24 hours notice of your booked appointment time will incur a charge of up to 100% of the cost of treatment. Cancellations made more than 24 hours of your booked appointment time shall incur a bank processing fee of £1.50 and if you have pre-paid, this bank processing fee shall be deducted and the balance of the pre-paid amount refunded to you.

I am required by law to say that my sessions are for entertainment purpose only.​ Disclaimer - All sessions are simply meant to be taken as guidance. I am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result of my sessions.