Keep trusting


Do not lose your balance,
No matter what occurs in your life,
Keep trusting that a solution, if not immediately, will manifest itself.
Remember you are not alone.


The shift happened

Isis temple

The level of consciousness of the planet Earth and its creature has risen up those last days.
Watch your pets, animals, insects and you will see how they are now thinking like us and even more. They have always been but now they show it to us.
Time to take it all into consideration if you haven't done it yet…



Human nature

"Don't think.
The New Earth

I think so I am. This way of thinking led to where we are today.
We as humans destroyed lots of species and are keeping destroying Earth.
We have
more poverty, more suicides, more people lost and completely disconnected from Nature, Life, Love (real Love).

Now we are asked to stop thinking and instead to be. Being present, each moment and feeling.
Stoping listening and believing in our thoughts. Stoping judging ourselves and others. Just being and feeling.
Begin Being.
Going back to the stage of innocence and purity.

Yes we have the ability to think and it is amazing what we can create from a thought. But it doesn't make us superior to anything in life. We know it.
So let's put our thoughts aside and just Be, alive, here and now.

This is the only way out.
The New Earth, The New Humanity.


La Nature humaine

" Ne pense pas.
La Nouvelle Terre

Je pense donc que je suis. Cette façon de penser a conduit à où nous en sommes aujourd'hui.
En tant qu'humains, nous avons détruit de nombreuses espèces et continuons de détruire la Terre.
Nous avons plus de pauvreté, plus de suicides, plus de personnes perdues et complètement déconnectées de la Nature, de la Vie, de l'Amour (le vrai Amour).

A présent, nous sommes invités à arrêter de penser et plutôt à être.
Être présent, à chaque instant et à chaque sensation.
Arrêtez d'écouter et de croire en nos pensées. Arrêtez de nous juger et de juger les autres. Juste être et ressentir.

Revenir au stade de l'innocence et de la pureté.

Oui, nous avons la capacité de penser et c'est incroyable ce que nous pouvons créer à partir d'une pensée. Mais cela ne nous rend supérieurs à rien dans la vie. Nous le savons.
Alors mettons nos pensées de côté et soyons justes, vivants, ici et maintenant.

C'est la seule issue.
La nouvelle terre, la nouvelle humanité.



Life's goal

Today the Guides asked me what do I want to do with the rest of my life.
I told them " To discover Love on Earth".
And they answered me "Find Love in yourself on Earth".

Wow it is really impossible to mess up with them !
Once one is on the way to Truth one cannot escape. Truth always win !




I have met so many people in my life who are shit or act like shit personally and professionally and who never ever question themselves. They are in their full power, not caring if what they are doing or creating is "good'".
If you are like me- an empath- you spent all your life doubting, wanting to be accepted and loved, not wanting to push anything or anyone, waiting for external approval. Even if you do have external confirmation that you are good in this or that or that you do good around you, you always kind of apologise being you.
These recent days I have met an increased number of these people full of themselves, saying things that seemed not attuned to the Universal law for me and honestly it drove me nuts. But in the bad way. I felt even more like shit as I didn't have the guts or energy to just be myself and share my experience of Life. I started to shrink and yet I knew that I didn't agree at all with them.
To be clear, no one is right or wrong -at the end- but letting only one kind of people and voices share their opinions or act differently without you showing another way is not right !
I woke up this morning really knocked down and very heavy. Until I realised all this. And I share it with you.
It is enough apologising being you.
Accept yourself, love yourself. And then be yourself in the world. Stop hiding !
The world needs to hear our voices ! If you don't want to do it for yourself do it for others- for humanity.
It’s enough having only one kind of voice which has been unfortunately almost the only voice of those not doubting and spreading "wrong" ideas and informations.
And to finish, I am going to be more specific.
Dear seekers of Truth, you don't need to take any plants or anything to find God, to find the Truth.
It is right here, right now, with you, around you, in you.
You don't need to take anything to expand your consciousness. Just connect to your breath. And by the way only your person can expand its consciousness so it will be limited . So just drop any attempt and just be.
Let go of all these sellers of magical medicine. This is a trap. This is not the Truth.
Pfff it feels good to share this first big thing ! So many so called shamans around here whom sell you experiences with plants to live something extraordinary. It's enough. Such a waste of time and money.
Yes those plants do have a power but you don't need them. You are all !
So dear Empaths, wake up. Share your truth. Raise your voice. It is time now.
I am already out.
Life is short. I don't know how long I have left on Earth so I will stop hiding what I know intuitively and from my own experience.
Take it or leave it, it is not my business.
Come on guys, let's raise up and stand tall on our feet !
With love,




Being Tired.
Is the sea tired ?
Is the Sun tired ?
Are trees tired ?
Does the Sun arrive one day shining very low just because it doesn't feel good ?
You got the point.
So how come we humans can wake up one day and feel tired ?
The Sun, nature, the sea, the planets are attuned to their true Essence. They are It !
The same for us. As long as and as soon as we attune to our true Essence we are in our full power.
As soon as we are centered we are in the flow and we don't feel tired anymore.
An example : if you are in love you feel less tired isn't it ?
You make love all the times, your hardly sleep and eat yet you feel amazzzzinnng !
Being in love is being completely open in the heart and trusting the Universe. Some say « Flying ».
Being centered, attuned is like being in Love.
But you don't need anyone else to feel this way. What a relief !
You are just open to Life, in Love with Life.
It can take a whole life or many lives to achieve this so don't be too hard on yourself or feel desperate if you haven't reached it yet.
What you can remember is that if you are feeling tired you are not fully connected to Life.
Even if you have a disease, you could still not feel "that" tired.
So observe this « I am tired. Oups I am not connected today! ».
And then use whatever tool you have to connect more.
This morning I decided to walk by the sea as I woke up very tired. And now I feel good !
But if you cannot go out, listen to uplifting music, read some spiritual lines, do some meditation, yoga. « Just » raise your vibration (and remember the Truth of all which is Love).
And one more and last paradox as there is not one solution for all…
Do not reject being tired ! Take it as an information, a message from your spirit or your body.
And remember that even if there is a real physical reason of your tiredness by connecting to Life, to Love to your True Essence you will feel better !
Enjoy !
Nb : Picture : Happy is enjoying the Sunset



« If you feel lost,
Don’t try to avoid this feeling and to do things to not feel lost.
Just be lost and stay with it.
Trust that this will make you see and feel what is really happening, what is hiding behind this feeling. »
« Si tu te sens perdu(e)
N'essaies pas d'éviter ce sentiment et de faire des choses pour ne pas te sentir perdu(e).
Soies simplement perdu(e) et restes avec cette sensation.
Aies confiance que cela te permettra de voir et de ressentir ce qui se passe réellement, ce qui se cache derrière ce sentiment. »




« Take this day, before the full moon tomorrow to meditate, stay calm and rest.

Let the emotions come out.
Give space for things to be seen in you and by you.
Give your Self time.
You will then be able to really benefit from the huge healing energies of the full moon and eclipse. »
« Prenez cette journée, avant la pleine lune de demain pour méditer, rester calme et reposer. Laissez les émotions sortir.
Donnez de l'espace pour que les choses soient vues en vous et par vous.
Donnez du temps à votre Moi.
Vous pourrez alors vraiment bénéficier des énormes énergies de guérison de la pleine lune et de l'éclipse. »



Trust life
« Take time
Take your time.
Don’t decide anything.
Let Life show you the way.
You can be sure it will be the best for you. »
«  Prends le temps
Prends ton temps.
Ne décide rien.
Laisse la vie te montrer le chemin.
Tu peux être sûr(e) que cela sera le meilleur pour toi. »




Message of the day (en français plus bas).

« Be ready for a big change.
This is it.
It is now.
Those next days many things are going to change for you.
If you focus on yourself today/tonight you will feel something different in you. It will then manifest outside.
So be ready for a big change. Like preparing your house for an important guest whose gonna completely change your life. »
Message du jour

«Soyez prêt pour un grand changement.
Ça y est.
C'est maintenant.
Ces prochains jours, beaucoup de choses vont changer pour vous.
Si vous vous concentrez sur vous-même aujourd'hui / ce soir, vous ressentirez quelque chose de différent en vous. Cela se manifestera ensuite à l'extérieur.
Alors soyez prêt pour un grand changement. Comme si vous prépariez votre maison pour un invité important qui va complètement changer votre vie. »




Why don't you use these challenging times to reconnect to your intuition and to really feel in yourself what is true and what is not true ?

You know, in your guts, when something is right for you. It has served you well until now.

So instead of blindly following what others think and say why don't you ask yourself ? Your innerself. Your guts…

You know how it works. You feel a well being, an expansion if it is right and good for you and a contraction sometimes even nausea if it is not good.

Why did you loose this power nowadays ? What happened to you ?

Wake up !

You are greater than what "they" want you to think about you. And you know… Of course it requires and takes courage to feel and accept something different from "the crowd".
But this time it is important.
It is about your health. Your future. Your freedom. Humanity !

We are at crossroads between two worlds.
The one in which you are a victim and you think that life is difficult, that you have to struggle and that you are not good enough to know what is good for you.
And the other world in which you are in you full power and you are living the life you want in a world you love, full of love, joy and freedom.

This is not an utopia. This is the Truth.
Your mind might not accept it but your heart knows.

So use this time of lockdown to connect to your heart. To recreate the relationship with your intuition. To regain your power.
Don't become a chicken without head watching Netflix and all these low energies series- lacking of love !
Wake up !
The time is now.

If you care for your loved ones do this work.

If you need to have tools on how to reconnect ask me in the comments section and I will answer to you publicly so everyone can benefit too.

Come on.

You are a powerful being of Light. Where you put your attention and belief system you create.

Remember and wake up.

The world, Earth, humanity needs you.

With Love,





It could be my last sunset. It could be yours too.
How life is beautiful.
How lucky we are to be alive and to witness all this beauty, all the beauty of life.
Where you put your attention you send energy. Let the dark take care of itself and focus on the beauty and on the love.
Humans will continue to destroy everything and themselves until they find peace in themselves. Let them do and continue to celebrate Life and Love. This will contribute to raise the vibration and I can assure you that you will see and feel the effects on the world. You or your descendants.
Trust this.
Work for love.
Work for beauty.
This is where your strength and power is.
Give Grace and Grace will be given.
Give Love and Love will be given.
Have Faith.



This is a guidance I received from the guides while watching the sunset.
A tool for all of us to find peace and happiness in these challenging times.
Go back to yourself. Breathe. Observe and follow their beautiful guidance.
It will lead you to the real happiness in yourself. To the Truth of all that is. The rest will pass, as it has always done and will always do.
This is a Universal Law.
With Love,




Why do we desperately want to be in a couple ?
Because we are looking outside for something we don't want to see or find in ourselves.

Going outside of ourselves distract us from the terrible Truth that we are dying, no matter what.

A couple could be also called entertainment.

Whatever we invent, do, create we won't escape death.


Let's first go into ourselves and find and face our deepest shadows and fears. There we will find God, the Source of all, Life.

Then from this place of Truth and authenticity if we still wish to find a partner we will then be able to create a true relationship based on love, oneness and unity.

As Jesus said, first seek the Kingdom of God and then all will be given to you.

So if you want a true happy life do the work first and be sure that you will then live a true authentic life with or without a special person beside you. It won't matter then...



Pourquoi voulons-nous désespérément être en couple?
Parce que nous cherchons à l'extérieur quelque chose que nous ne voulons pas voir ou trouver en nous-mêmes.

Sortir de nous-mêmes nous distrait de la terrible vérité que nous sommes en train de mourir, quoi qu'il arrive.

Un couple pourrait aussi être appelé divertissement.

Malgré tout ce que nous inventons, faisons, créons, nous n'échapperons pas à la mort.


Allons d'abord en nous-mêmes, trouvons et affrontons nos ombres et nos peurs les plus profondes. Là, nous trouverons Dieu, la Source de tout, la vie.

Ensuite, à partir de ce lieu de Vérité et d'authenticité, si nous souhaitons toujours trouver un partenaire, nous pourrons alors créer une véritable relation basée sur l'amour, l'harmonie et l'unité.

Comme Jésus l'a dit, cherchez d'abord le Royaume de Dieu et ensuite tout vous sera donné.

Donc, si vous voulez une vraie vie heureuse, faites d'abord le travail et soyez certains que vous vivrez ensuite une vraie vie authentique avec ou sans une personne spéciale à vos côtés. Cela n'aura alors pas d'importance ...


I am not here to meet someone but to meet Life, to meet myself.

Je ne suis pas là pour rencontrer quelqu'un mais pour rencontrer la Vie, pour me rencontrer.




It is not a man (woman) that you are looking for.
It is God.
Ce n'est pas une homme (une femme) que tu cherches.
C'est Dieu.



Only the love of Life can heal my body, spirit and soul.
Seul l'amour de la vie peut guérir mon corps, mon esprit et mon âme.





Don’t wear snickers it disconnects you from Earth.
Aren’t you already enough disconnected ?
Please humans wake up, reconnect.
Reconnect to your true Essence and regain your power.
Breathe freely.
Recharge your prana.
Your brother is not your enemy.
Your only enemy is yourself- your belief system.

Ne portez pas des tennis cela vous déconnecte de la Terre.
N’êtes-vous déjà pas assez disconnecté ?
S’il vous plait, les humains, reconnectez-vous.
Reconnectez-vous à votre véritable Essence et retrouvez votre pouvoir.
Respirez librement.
Rechargez votre prana.
Votre frère n’est pas votre ennemi.
Votre seul ennemi est vous-même - votre système de pensée.




The proper true and authentic relationship starts with yourself.
Accept your vulnerability. Accept yourself. Give yourself space to be.
Let go of control.
Be your authentic self.
Once you’ve accomplished this you will then be able and know how to relate with the «other one ».
Know your Self !

La véritable et authentique relation commence par toi-même.
Accepte ta vulnérabilité. Accepte-toi. Donne-toi l’espace d’être.
Laisse aller le contrôle.
Sois ton toi authentique.
Quand tu auras réalisé cela tu pourras et tu sauras comme entrer en relation avec « l’autre ».
Connais-toi toi-même !



Let yourself be touched by the encounter.
Here is the key to create and live a true relationship.
You have to let yourself be vulnerable. You have to lose control.
What do you have to lose ?
Only then will you be able to really meet someone.

Laisse toi traverser par la rencontre.
Voilà la clé afin de créer et vivre une vraie relation.
Tu dois te laisser être vulnérable. Tu dois perdre le contrôle.
Qu’as-tu à y perdre ?!
Ainsi seulement seras-tu à même de rencontrer quelqu’un.




Let yourself be touched
Let yourself be loved
Just let.



Dear ones,

The tough times are here and you can all feel overwhelmed, in a way or another.
But remember that humanity have been through many "dark ages" and is still here today.

I invite you to remember this Truth. As everything it will pass. You might pass with it. Don't be afraid of it !
How many humans have died since the beginning of humanity ?
Be humble. Remember you are here on a limited life time contract and only the Boss (Life/God) knows for how long it is...

Here are some tips to live these difficult times the best way you can...

The best way to go thought these challenging times is to first let go of your fear of death.This is the key to freedom and to a happy life.
Billions of humans have died before you and many are still dying. Life goes on. All is fine. Relax. Let Go.

Don't be afraid of disease. Remember that your body is a temple and is sacred. Honour it, give Grace to it.
Your body IS a miracle ! Nourish it with love, trust, good and healthy food and thoughts.
Don't be afraid of disease. The worst case is death and well go back to the first point, there is nothing wrong with death…

Don't be afraid of losing the ones you love. This is a Universal Law, everyone dies and you will loose all ! You die naked. So accept this Law, honour and love those whom are present in your life right now. No need to fear. It won't change anything.
Enjoy !

Don't be afraid.
Give Grace
Appreciate fully what is, knowing the rules.
Except You, Your True Self.

Embrace Life, Embrace what is !

Wake up before dying so that you can make the most of this incredible experience which is LIFE.

With all my Love,





You are lost trying to connect to men (women)

when you just have to connect to them (guides).

The only way to have stability - The only eternal uplifting nourishing relationship is with Spirit. This one will never let you down judge you or dump you.
Once you have made this connection you can then connect to humans, of course !
But first you have to create a strong relationship with spirit so that the rest can be in perfect harmony, balanced and good for you.

That is the key to everlasting true and authentic happiness.












"Stand still
Be present
And Trust."




"Be true to yourSelf

Stop playing small or smaller.
Embrace your true Self.
And Shine your Light."





“ - I am under pressure !!
-Who is under pressure ?
- me.
- And how is You ?
- I am fine.”
If you feel overwhelmed in your daily life go back to your true Essence, the real You.
From this place all is fine and You will have more clarity about your person’s challenges.




You are not here to be loved by humans.
Human love comes and go.
Like the wind, the mind often changes its direction.
Someone who promises you eternal love might die suddenly or fall in love with someone else.
Don’t trust this love.
You are here to be loved by You and by you. You are here to accomplish your mission, to reconnect with the Divine in you.
From this place, once you’ve found it, human love will come in abundance and leave and come and go.
But it won’t matter anymore because you would have found the greatest true eternal love.
So trust my friend.
Let go of humans recognition for a while, until you found yourself.
It is worth the short term sacrifice.
But it is always your choice, and that is the beauty of it.
Choose wisely !
Enjoy the ride, have fun, be light.
Find what is eternal and will never disappoint you or let you down.
Credit photo : amazing art by Joe Clark Artist, child of eternal Egypt.



Live your Life with Grace and delicacy.
Honour the beauty in you.
See it !




The biggest heroes in humanity had doubts.
Jesus had doubts, questioning his path and his true nature on the cross. “Have you forsaken me ?”.
As soon as he remembered, his suffering ended and he died.
So don’t judge yourself too hard if during your journey on Earth you doubt.
Take it as an opportunity to really inquire in your heart, to check again.
Are you on the right path ?
Are you really following your heart ?
When you doubt you are just forgetting your true nature. Being back in the mind and believing your are limited and you don’t know...
Of course at a human level you don’t know ! You will never know for sure !
Doubt is an opportunity to recalibrate and even to gain more power. To change the connection. From the mind to the Universe
So rest. Take a break while doubts are overwhelming you.
And remember that there is never a wrong choice or a wrong path.
All is perfectly Divinely orchestrated.
Remember your true nature.
Look at the sky full of stars
And smile. All is fine.

Credit photo : Joel Clark Artist child of Egypt.



There are times in life
Only humour can make you stay sane, trust and have Faith.



That all is in perfect Divine timing.



Keep Faith.
No matter how hard the challenges are.
Remember that you are divinely guided.


Be aware on where you put your attention
As it will become your reality.
What you call your life.
Enjoy this amazing choice but...
Chose wisely !



We are asked
Not to know
But to Trust



Do you hear this silence ?
This is the sound of change.



Your body is your best ally.
Trust it !
Trust what you feel in it.
All the answers are in it.
Your body is your best ally.
Rely on it, even when it has dis ease.
Be with it.
Rest in it.
Explore it.
Trust your guts.




Don’t fight with force
Fight with your Light.
Awaken and your power will be greater than the man can conceive.
So wake up and shine your Light,
your Truth.
It is time now.



Listen to your heart.
Set your intentions.
Keep your focus.
And the rest will follow.



Nothing is under control.



Don't resist, exist.




Always choose Joy, Beauty and Love.




It’s all about grapes

Grab everything that life brings you,
as long as it suits you.
Taste all grapes ! Don’t analyse them, trying to see if this one would taste better than the other one.
If you feel so just taste !
Try !
Welcome all the presents that life bring you at each instant.
You are loved.
And always.
(Message received today from Hathor regarding love, relationships and life.)



You are not free by saying yes or no to a mask.
Your freedom is beyond all this.
Your freedom is in your heart.
Stop believing being only a person, find your true Essence, nature and you will be free even with masks, lockdowns, war or whatever.
Nelson Mandela was far more free than us when he was in prison.
Find your eternal nature. And incarnate it here on Earth.
That is the way.
That is the only way.
Trust, have Faith.
A mask doesn’t define you and your freedom.
You are so more powerful than all this !
You are the Sun ! You are the Sky ! You are the Universe! You are everything and beyond !!!
Nothing can stop or diminish you except your own beliefs.
So use these challenging times as an opportunity to grow inside. To discover your true nature.
It is huge !
You are already free !!!
And you have nothing to fear.
Embrace, welcome the restrictions, the lack and send love to it. Let them be but don’t let them define who you are.
You are loved my friends.
Like the Sun warming you and the Earth feeding you.
This is infinite love to help you discover who you truly are.
Leave duality, right/wrong, and embrace all with infinite love.






Listen to the Silence.
All will be said to you.







The Truth is just in front of us.
No need to seek far.
It has been with us since the beginning and it will be since the end.
It feeds us, warms us. It raises our vibration.
Open your heart and consciousness to what is just in front of you, right now.
And even if the weather is cloudy where you live you wouldn’t have light without the sun.
So just visualise the sun behind
The Sun can also heal. Take sun showers everyday or when necessary. And again, if the weather is bad use your imagination/visualisation ability.
You are more powerful than you think !
And stop being afraid.
Enhance your immune system with the Sun.




“We found peace on Earth.
We expressed Grace on Earth, in ourselves and through ourselves.
We left this plane as we found the way to do so, changing vibration and dimension when it was the time for us to explore more.
Our transition as a civilisation created a huge eruption on Earth. It was necessary to be able to shift dimensions.
We are still here with you but we vibrate higher.
Our center, our source was in the center of the Caldera, in Santorini.
We were all around the planet but this is where the transition happened/ our center of energy.
Our element is water. We can communicate easily through water and especially salty water- the sea.
We are manifesting in your consciousness again as you will need us for your own shift and transition.
We came on Earth billions of years ago to prepare the way for you.
We left many temples and symbols to guide you.
Now is the time for you to reconnect with us and with our energy sharings so that you can realise your truth and join us.
No need to die for this ! Don’t be afraid !
Just opening yourself to the truth. To the origins of humanity.
While on Earth we celebrated beauty, gentleness and peace.
May you wish to celebrate the same and we will show you.
The time is now.
For you to touch Grace in you and with our help.
You can create a better life on Earth. All the tools are ready for you to use.

The Atlanteans.”




Don’t rush
Let go
And you will know




We can feel waves of the old coming back to us.
The good old which will uplift us and make us grow and the bad old which will make us feel terrible and worthless.
This old can manifest as old emotions or beliefs about ourselves our old patterns and situations showing up (again!).
So let things be and manifest.
Let the music play and chose which one you wish to dance.
Yes you can chose the dance ! That’s the new in all these old... resurging to be healed or walked and worked through again...





To live without attachment is also to live without attachment to oneself.
To your own self.
It is to completely melt with all that is, not defining yourself anymore as a person, which is an idea.
The idea of who you are will change as it is always the case with the mind.
So to really live with no attachment is to let go of all, even you.
You can die in an hour, tomorrow. So what ? Where is the problem ? Does it really matter ?!!...
So just enjoy being part of a fabulous gigantic orchestra, Life.
Play the song of your soul.
It is unique.
But necessary only the time Life wants it...
Enjoy the whole orchestra. Be one with it.
Embrace the melody, the creation.
And realise that even your song is not made by you but by something Greater than you, through you.
The melody will change one day and it won’t need you anymore.
Don’t get attach to anything.
Be grateful and Love.
This is eternal and immortal.
The rest is not.


Don’t get attached to anything or anyone.
Just enjoy the experience.
Be grateful
And love.




We are all inter connected- we are all one.

This person’s dream was to have a boat.
And their dream becomes part of mine now as it is part of my landscape view/picture of what my dream is.
The hotel’s owner dream becomes also part of my dream.
The person who created sunglasses makes my dream possible.
And so on with all that is present in the material life here and now in your life.
So whenever you feel alone just remember all this.
Even the air you are breathing is part of “someone”’s dream
We are all one and all helping each other consciously or unconsciously.
Enjoy this realisation and feel the expansion of your heart



Find time everyday to let your soul rest.

In yourself.
Just stopping everything and just being.
Letting the thoughts be like clouds passing and remaining in the being.
Being present in the moment, now. Alive.
Witnessing all that is.
Remember find time everyday to let your soul rest.
It will benefit you beyond your imagination.




“Si tu sens des vertiges ce n’est que notre amour pour toi si grand.
Notre amour danse avec toi et tu chavires dans nos bras.
Le nouveau monde est arrivé, il est déjà là et tu en fais partie.
Danse mon ami(e), danse et tu te souviendras que nous ne faisons qu’un avec toi”
Les Atlantes.
“If you feel vertigo my friend it is only our love, so big.
Our love dances with you and you fall into our arms.
The new world has arrived, is already here and you are part of it.
Dance my friend, dance and you will remember that we are one with you.”

The Atlanteans




My temple is Earth
My religion is Love
I am




"Stop being a person
Just Be.
And peace you will find
And Eternity."




“ Dance ! Sing ! Have fun ! Be free in your movements ! Celebrate Life.
Take your lost parts of yourself back.
Be one with the elements. Connect with them. They are you. You are them.
Dance, dance, dance.
Celebrate Life.
You are loved and you are Love."




“ Open yourself to love
Open yourself to receive
True love, deep love
Gentleness, integrity, honesty.
All that you’ve asked for is here ready for you.
All is already here for you.
Open your heart my friend.
You are back with us.
We are One again.
We celebrate, we honour this.
Re Union.”
The Atlanteans.




To be grounded is not to possess anything but it is to be totally open and connected to the elements, to humans and humanity and to Earth.
I hope you love where you are now and the people you are with and the life you have.
If not, it is still time to create a new life. It is never too late and the universe will help you beyond your imagination.
Just open your heart.



The Great Pyramid is a huge antenna of Love and Clearing energy.
Thanks to the ancestors who built it.




My body is a temple.
This morning I received this information:

“Be a Queen (King) to your body.

Be a Queen (King) to your Temple.
Treat your “subjects” with love.
Make them happy to have you as a Queen (King).
Give their enough attention, love and care and listen to their requests.
A temple will shine and grow in abundance and health if its subjects are happy and fulfilled.”

So this morning I connected to my body this way and you cannot imagine the joy I felt in all my cells and body.
So I invite to do the same.
Take your inspiration from the Pharaohs and Queens of Egypt, who would treat their people with so much love, integrity and attention. Following Ma’at’s Universal law.
It is really worth doing it each day and at each moment.
Your body is a Temple and you are the Queen (King) of it. Honor your role and feel the joy of the billions of beings working for you 24/24 and 7/7.
With all my love.






Quick Channeling from the monument of Philopappos, facing the Acropole and the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.
Put the sound max as there was wind.
Enjoy the scenery and its beautiful clearing energies



When we lost beauty
We lost humanity.



If you let go

You let God.




The only way to face fears is to love them.
I have been scared of planes for years. When I was younger I used to love to fly until one day in 1999 we almost crashed. Suddenly I couldn’t trust planes and pilots anymore.
I tried to fly as soon as I could after this incident but the fear was deep in my cells.
For years I would travel only by train.
But then I got bored of the limits it creates and I wanted to travel faster and further again.
And I was less afraid of dying
I have been now flying again since around 2014.
But I feel ok by the window and I pray all the way long. Turbulences create small or big panic in me. Horrible feeling. I cannot control the body.
And last year on my way back from my second trip to Egypt I really thought I would die. Again it is not dying which is scaring but the fear of the plane losing control and all the horrible sensations it creates in me.
I realised I wasn’t completely healed... but I could still manage.
But this week, coming back from Egypt to Greece I realised that there was a hurricane same time same plane as my flight... too late. I was already in. So.. I used all my abilities to make the journey soft. It worked but... at one stage the guides told me, it’s gonna move a lot. You can do it. Let go !
And we flew into a big dark cloud. Horrible. I asked them, please free me from this fear. And they told me : .
« You are love. Love what is. Observe. Love this dark cloud, love the movements of the plane. Love the experience. You are one with all. »
And I did it ! It was absolutely beautiful.
Love your fears. Love the experience of them. Love what they create in you. Remember your true essence.
Since then each fear which pops up I do this. It creates huge freedom and it opens the heart.
So try and tell me how it went for you !
And enjoy the process ! You are alive! You can feel ! Isn’t it amazing?!
Nb: fear is separation - love is unity. Look what is happening nowadays ! An amazing example of how far the fears can separate...




It’s going to get worse until everyone awaken and realise their true nature which is freedom.
Once you are connected to your true Essence you will know that you don’t have to follow any system except your own one.
You are free by nature and your only guidance is the Universe and Life.
This is the awakening. It’s going to get worse of what a mind based society can create to realize we don’t need it.
Why do we need to pay for anything when all is abundance in nature ?
Why do we have to follow any rules except the ones from the heart ?
Until this freedom is reached old powers and ways of thinking and being will fight to survive and try their best. Bless them !
Don’t demonize anything. At the end, or the beginning we are all One and all seeking for this same freedom- reconnection.
Forgive. Let the tough times be. Don’t be afraid. And use this amazing opportunity to discover your true self, your own wisdom.
Embrace nature, embrace everything that is given to you at this moment.
Nothing will ever be like before.
It is time to create new. From yourself and nothing/no one else.
Let go. It’s time for new. Now.
Connect to nature to find your strength and Faith.
This is going to be difficult externally for a while.
Hang on. You are not alone.
You’ve never been alone.
And all will be fine if you attune to your heart.
Message from the Guides.




Do not condemn.
Ne condamne pas.




The old world is over.
We just need and have to reinvent ourselves.
Don’t be afraid of changes.
The transformation can be stressful even painful but remain in your heart, in your love and you will be calmer and trustful.
Welcome the change in you.
Embrace it.
Accept not to know.
Dive into the unknown.
As it is the Truth.
In Truth no one knows.
In Truth you let go and follow the flow.
The old world is gone and will never come back.
Welcome the change and sing your best love song to life, dance your best dance to love.
Celebrate !




“Don’t fear to love. Because when you love And when you act from love You know and you see what is good and what is not good for you. Your love protects you ! Love is Life  Life is Love. Love is. You are. You are Love.”

Excerpt from the Live Channeling with Hathor 

ID 81613291 © Niall O Donoghue |



Judgement creates separation.
Separation creates war, anger, violence.

It has to start from ourselves. We cannot wait for the external world to show us the way (as it is a reflection of our inner world...

For example, someone hurt you and you blame this person. You say to yourself or others, he/she did this to me, I cannot tolerate it, I stop seeing him/her. I deserve better than this.
This is still judgement and separation.

The way to love and peace is :

This behavior hurt me. I prefer to go to another experience, to continue my life away from this behavior.

You can, if you want, feel the pain, transmute it and love it. Of course. This is part of your inner healing.
But what I am talking about here is how we judge and condemn the other one.

We don't need to !

We can learn from the experience and just decide to move on.

Try it ! It is a very subtle yet full of love process. You will feel relieved, you will feel the vastness and at peace.

Because, you know, at the end (at another level) we are all ONE.
So by judging and rejecting the other one you are hurting yourself.
By accepting what is and "just" deciding to go another direction you are in a love state of being.

The question then arise, what about the horrible terrorist attacks which kill innocents ? Should we just decide to move on ?
Being angry at this people won't do any good to any one.
Being sad can be part of the process, of course. This is not about denying the pain and effects on our bodies and souls.
But it is wiser to then move on and develop even more love. Go and talk to this neighbour you never talked to, help this homeless man by just saying hello Sir, how are you, and smile. Small seeds of love that will become huge trees.

Adversity, violence, anger is just the absence of love.
Healing this in the world starts within us and in our relationships.
The Truth is simple.
The Truth is Love.
Love is the answer.



"I am Mary Magdalene, incarnation of the Divine Feminine on Earth.

One of the incarnations of the Divine Feminine on Earth.

You are asked to express the Divine Feminine even more deeply on Earth, in Truth, truly.

I invite you to come back to who you really are, to your true Essence.

Re discover your purity and your innocence.

Rediscover your Presence here and now and radiate your Light.

It may seem abstract to you to speak of radiance and Light. Let me explain.

I ask you to be present. I invite you to be present, to realize the miracle of who you are and to put aside all that characterizes you, your problems, your solutions, your joys, your sorrows and all materiality around it.
A car, a house, an apartment, a family, a job, friends, relationships, money problems, the money that goes and all that.

I ask you for a moment or at least the time of this Transmission to let go of all this and to return just to the Essence of everything, to the Truth, to the essential, to you here and now.
Feel the weight coming off of you, little by little. Feel your lightness when everything is forgotten, for a moment.
Here is the only truth.
When you are completely present, in the moment. Right here right now.
Follow me and feel the love that passes through you and the greatness, the immensity of who you are, but above all, again, I invite you tonight to feel your Presence.

From the infinite you are, you return to your Presence. A kind of contraction without being a contraction.

The heart of everything.

And feel as if you had billions and billions of energy that you refocus at the heart of everything, at the heart of you.
Feel your Presence.

This is your Presence.

From this movement, from the immensity of billions and billions of volts, of energy, no matter which image speaks to you but this is the message: gather all this in your heart and with this heart, well incarnated on Earth, well implanted, see and be.
Don’t you feel the joy that emerges? Which arises and springs!
Strength, understanding, everything !
Isn’t it wonderful?

By doing this movement in consciousness, visualization, regularly, every day if possible, you will see all your worries, all that bother you, that all your projects will take a different dimension.

Imagine a volcano, the heart of the volcano.
Facing the heart of the burning volcano that is so strong and intense, ants pass. These ants that you normally find important, when you are centered in the heart of the volcano, in the heart of your Essence, remain unimportant.
Without denigrating them, without judging them but you understand, you see.

Or like the sun, its magma and the strength of the sun.
How does it see humans? How does it see us?
It loves us, it blesses us, it nourishes us every moment, making Mother Earth fertile. But beyond this, is it attached to humans?
Imagine being in the place of the sun. How do you see humans?
Mother Earth, already, one of many.
The only intention of the sun is to be present, to radiate from its Essence which is sun and Light.
This radiation, this concentration so powerful is given and feeds but without any intention.
And from this position, the sun, you, your Essence, see everything clearly and put everything in its proper place.

I am Mary Magdalene, here tonight to guide you in this understanding of your power and potential.

Come back to your Presence at each moment.

Concentration of energies.
Once you have done this movement in consciousness and it will be almost natural, from there you will be able to radiate and return to the outside and pay attention to the outside.

On this Halloween day, as you call it, the feast of rebirth, the day of renewal, in the darkest shade, I invite you to take this place of radiance, of Presence to the miracle of life that you are anf that you live here and now in this incarnation.

Everything is so simple in fact.
Just refocus your Infinite Essence in the incarnation here, on Earth, here and now.
Make this movement in consciousness, this visualization in consciousness.

I bless you.



28 JUNE 2018


"What is the meaning of life ?"
Why do you want life to have a meaning ?
What if you drop the idea that there must be some meaning ?
What if you accept that there is no meaning.
Why wanting a meaning to what does not have one ? 
Who wants to give a meaning ?

Let go of this waiting and this idea and feel what's going on inside you.
Everything is, everything has always been and everything will be.
All is infinite.
All Is.
There is no meaning.
There is not even Life.
There just is what is.
And it's "enough"!

Just observe and welcome.
Just Be.
Let yourself be carried by the flow. Just be present, each moment.
Present in your body, present in what Is.
Neither in the past nor in the future.
Right here. Here. Be present and feel, with all your body, with all your soul.

Feel, celebrate what Is !
Let yourself be carried and moved
By the rhythm of breath.
Let yourself go with what is.

Be and celebrate
With Love.

4 JUNE 2018


Deep in your despair
Do not try to get out.
Stay there! Dive into it with deep trust.
And let it go.
In the depths of your despair, lies a giant waiting to awaken.
It's up to you to meet him and to testify
Of its existence and its beauty.
This giant, this sacred immensity
Is your beauty, your Truth.
Deep in your despair
The sleeping giant is waiting for you.
Finally you're here !
And you are awake
To your own Truth.
Nb: we can see the giant sleeping in the middle of the picture 1f609