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Hello !

I am French and for many years I have been living in Belgium and then England. I am now living in Costa Rica, getting closer to nature and to the Sun ! Here is my story as short as I can tell it.

Since my very young age I have had the gift of Healing, Clairvoyance and Channeling (Communication with other levels of consciousness). But in my family it was not considered as a professional career or a path to follow. So I was using it only for myself, my friends and relatives.

A traditional path
I followed a traditional path (Law studies, Communication, PR and Event agency) during which I learnt a lot about humans, business and every day life. It gave me the structure and grounding necessary for my abilities to continue to grow.
During my free time I learnt different techniques from different traditions : Shiatsu, Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, The Tapping Solution,The 4 Tolteques agreements, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga. I met different Gurus and Spiritual teachers, Healers, Psychics and I explored different spiritual traditions.

I had several different awakenings, one layer falling down after another layer. All being perfectly and divinely guided - of course...

The first shift
After working for more than 15 years in what I call "pure business" despite the success and joy of meeting great people and facing amazing challenges (Pekin Opera, Shanghai Tourism office, French Tv : M6 Deco, TF1 : "Tous Ensemble","On a Tout Essayé", "La Méthode Cauet", France 2 : "Le Grand Cabaret", La 5 "Les Maternelles", BFM tv, to name a few) I couldn't continue. I needed to have more meaning in my life. To help others and not only to sell...
At first I started to work part time as a massage therapist. But it wasn't enough. After about a year the call became huge. I could not resist anymore. I had to completely commit.

The second shift
So I took a leap of Faith. I decided to listen to my heart and to be completely at service without thinking about how it would work. I dropped everything that was my previous communication and PR business and I became a full time massage therapist in France, Belgium and England.
All was taking care of by Life itself. I just had to follow my intuition and the Guides... Of course it wasn't easy and I learned the hardest way to trust and to keep listening to my heart and Guides no matter what. I cried a lot, lost hope several times, laughed a lot, doubt a lot. What a journey ! But I learnt sooo much ! And for sure it made me a better Channel and Clairvoyant. Live and learn...
As a massage therapist I also had amazing clients : L'Oreal (London), Badoo (London), H&M (Brussels), Lewis (Brussels),Lego (London), Kiss Fm (London), Ephads (French hospitals for the elderly) and so many others I cannot recount.
Through the years as a massage therapist, more and more people were asking for healing and readings. Massage became secondary. I remember my last year as a massage therapist, clients would ask me as soon as I touched them "What do you see ?". And of course they weren't talking about their bodies !

The last Call (for the moment)
Fully Listening to my heart's desires, my gifts increased and contributed to another huge opening. Some would call it THE awakening.
I saw that it was time to take another step and to be completely at Service to the Guides through Channeling, Spiritual Healing and Clairvoyance letting go of my healing hands.
Since then my life has been completely driven by the Guides. They keep initiating me stronger than ever so for me to be able to guide in Truth.

Christ consciousness, Archangels and Angels, the Galactic Beings are part of my "team' work.
I am so grateful.
I continue to grow with them, following their guidances and initiations to help people find their Truth and shine it on Earth.
In 2020, They guided me to let go of all my belongings and my life in England and to travel the world so that I could continue to grow. I called it "Surfing on the Corona Wave". It has been an amazing experience during which I received many new initiations with the Egyptians, the Atlanteans, the Ancient Greek Gods, the elements and the Earth.
Also music which has always been part of my life came back stronger with Sound Healing and Medecine songs.
All that I (re)learn increases the power of the sessions I propose.

I work worldwide, via Skype in English, French and Spanish (basic spanish).

Trainings : Diploma in Intensive English (University of Miami), Bachelor in Law (University of Nice, France), Shiatsu Amma seated massage diploma (Brussels, Belgium), Diploma in Shiatsu Level 2 (Kawada & Iokai trainings- Brussels, Belgium), Diploma in Aromatherapy (Andre Bitsas, Brussels, Belgium), Introduction to Kundalini Yoga training, Masters & Angels trainings (Sivaroshan Sahatevan - London), Alchemical Healing Level 1 & 2 (Sacred Witness-USA), Certified Ho'Oponopono Practitioner (Joe Vitali-USA)., Sound Healing (Taller de Canto Mexico), Akashic Records Advanced Profesional Reader (Linda Howe diploma).

Let go of everything and listen. All will be given to you at the "right time". No need to think, you just need to feel.
The Guides